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There are so many different ways to promote a website and if you have ever researched the topic you probably were confused and maybe even distracted by all of the various opinions. Just when you think you are settled on a way to promote your site you come across information on the latest, greatest, and easiest way to market your site, and it can be difficult to take action and see results with any specific approach.

Even though there are so many different paths you can take when marketing a site, blogging provides some powerful and unique opportunities that are rarely found through other legitimate promotional methods.

1. Connect with Visitors (get blogging)

One of the most significant strengths of WordPress blogging is that it will allow you to connect and build relationships and trust from your visitors. A WordPress blog will allow your visitors to see more of your personality (even if what you are writing about is not personal in nature) and they will typically feel a stronger bond to your business because of the personal characteristics of blogging. Readers will have the opportunity to interact with you by leaving comments on your posts, which helps to strengthen those connections.

These days bloggers need to do more than publishing fresh content frequently to attract an audience and keep it. We need to constantly repair and refresh our blogs. When was the last time you did a complete blog over-haul? Have you ever done one? These four steps will help you refresh your blog by breathing new life into it.

2. Potential for Traffic Increases

Every business and website owner wants to draw more traffic to their site, and blogging offers great potential in this area. In addition to just attracting new visitors, blogs increase the likelihood of getting repeat visitors, who are typically more valuable to businesses. As new posts are published to your blog your subscribers will receive the post via RSS or email and some will click-through to visit your site. Blogging also provides opportunities for increased traffic through social media and searches. Logically speaking, if your website currently consists of 25 pages and after a year of blogging you have added 100 posts, your site is now exponentially bigger, with more pages that will be showing up in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

3. Link Building

Acquiring links from other websites is a major goal of anyone who wants to increase exposure and traffic to their website. Links can help to draw click-through traffic, but more importantly they are a very significant factor in determining search engine rankings, which can send traffic to your site on a re-occurring basis. Bloggers tend to link to other bloggers, so your posts may wind up attracting links with little-to-no effort on your part to attain those links. Popular blog posts often go “viral”, which can result in important links from social media sites as well as from many bloggers who found the content via social media or other links.

4. Integration with Social Media

More and more companies are also starting to become active at social media and social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and many more. Blogging and social media work very well together and present incredible opportunities to reach a larger audience and to maintain control over your company’s reputation online. If you have considered using social media or social networking to promote your business, blogging is a no brainer. We can help though.

5. Create/present quality content.

This is the catch – none of the techniques above are going to work very well for you if you don’t have quality content on your site – the kind of content that other people want to read and promote on their own blogs/websites and on social media.

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