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Our Team

team1 Our Team

We are seasoned practitioners, authors, speakers, and teachers.

Collectively, we have many years of experience working with the Web and interactive applications. As individuals, we have unique—and complementary—approaches.

We came together to help businesses achieve their potential to meet real needs, accommodate human behaviour, and exceed all expectations.

Our mission is to demonstrate the bottom-line value of user experience, while sharing our advances in the field with clients.

We’re adept at working alongside our clients, promoting a constant exchange of ideas. Our ultimate success is measured by our contribution to stronger, smarter organizations not merely our rigorous analysis and design.

After working with us, you will have the knowledge and tools you need to rely on your internal team. This is our goal.

Karl Delgadillo

phone Our Team Phone: (647) 403-2052

Building web-sites using WordPress was the best development decision I’ve ever made! When I’m not coding a new theme, I’m either designing layouts in WordPress or installing yet another WordPress blog!

I also like to give back to the community, we (as a company) dedicate a few hours every week to help non-profit organizations to build or improve their websites at a very low cost.

My development philosophy focuses not only on solutions, but also education, empowerment, and support for my clients. I will provide you the tools to achieve your project goals, and I will show you how to use those tools.

CEO of Creative Web Design 123 we’re equipped to provide the flexibility and personal approach that larger agencies often can’t. We love our work and are obsessed with doing things the best way, using only the most modern methods with the most effective strategies.

Working with: WordPress Theme Design, jQuery, CSS/XHTML, WordPress Integration, PHP Development, Fireworks, Photoshop, WordPress shopping cart solutions. Cross Browser (IE , Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari).

I have been involved in every aspect of wordpress from design to hacking wordpress to match what the project requires.

Marisol Diaz

phone Our Team Phone: (647) 403-2052

Translator. Content editor, SEO, Social Media.

Gary Dawson

phone Our Team Phone: (647) 838-3352

WordPress Shopping Cart Specialist, Content Developer, Instructor,  Graphic Designer

I am a Technical Writer, Trainer and Graphic Designer and Developer with over 20 years experience in content development and in static and dynamic website design. I started building websites with Dreamweaver when it was still owned by Macromedia. Then I fell in love with Photoshop when I got it free with a new scanner I purchased. I soon discovered that Photoshop could be used to easily create graphically-rich HTML-based websites and learned basic CSS and XHTML.

I participated in many projects for prominent multinational corporations in Toronto to develop online training using dynamic multimedia such as video and Flash-based animations. Eventually my skills in CSS and HTML website development matured to the point where I started to developed database-driven dynamic websites. While working for several private career colleges, I began teaching computer technology in a classroom to teach students proficiency and gain certification in software such as Microsoft Office. I also taught courses in Web Design, Graphic Design and basic computers.

I was introduced to WordPress and the world of free, open-source software while searching for a solution that would allow me to manage websites easily using a system that was both powerful and easy to learn. I quickly learned how to develop WordPress templates and how to integrate plugins that would allow me to create almost any kind of website for my customers. Finally I became a WordPress Shopping Cart specialist in software such as Shopp by Ingenesis and Cart66 by Reality66, LLC. For simple sites with small ecommerce stores I used the WordPress plugin CataBlog by Illproductions. Now I develop custom ecommerce WordPress solutions with thousands of categories and products. My speciality is everything WordPress – the most powerful, free Content management system on the planet today. I train people how to build and maintain their WordPress websites to almost any level of design proficiency. It’s more than just a simple blogging platform; with WordPress you can create almost anything.

Now my specialty is: Theme Design, CSS/XHTML, WordPress Content Development, WordPress Plugin Development, Fireworks, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, WordPress Training, and advanced WordPress shopping cart solutions.

Hire our team today and get started with your own WordPress website!

Aldrich Carrasco

phone Our Team Phone: (301) 526-1619

Programmer and web designer. Joomla Specialist, Flash, InDesign and Inkstage. Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress, Dreamweaver, HTML and CSS. Also designing brochures, advertisements, event materials, logos and customizable graphics for all your graphic needs.

Luis Bueno Wachsmann

phone Our Team Phone: (809) 877-3478

In recent years I have dedicated to the design of systems related to education at both school and university in the Dominican Republic in order to provide a good grading system for use by teachers and students as well as for use of parents at the time to read report cards and to integrate all this to the web with the help of Oracle 10g, Java and PHP.

In addition to the above, I have dedicated my career in computer technical support related to Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, ISA Server 2006 SE installation and configuration of wireless routers with dd-wrt operating system based on Linux. So far I’ve wrapped a few web-related projects where I used the following tools: Dreamweaver CS4, Fireworks CS3, and Photoshop.

My latest project is the design of the grades to the International School of Sosua, which will integrate to the Web using Oracle 10g, Java and PHP.

Carolina Toca Perea

phone Our Team Phone: (647) 403-2052

Escritora de artículos de opinión, abogada y magister en asuntos internacionales.

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