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Web Design Tips

Seven WordPress Web Design Steps (Successful Websites)

Seven Step Process to developing your website effectively The following is an outline of the phases involved in developing your website. As a client you will have a personal Project Manager who will guide you throughout the entire process. Information Gathering The first step of any project is to set goals and outline the steps .. read more

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HTML Email Newsletter Design

eBlast Email Marketing It’s easy to buy into a catchy phrase like “social Media”, but facts are facts and email is still the most prevalent and prolific form of all online communication. A vibrant Email Newsletter Design can drive dozens of visitors back to your website in a flash. Setup correctly with an external email .. read more

Posted in: Web Design Tips

Characteristics of User-Friendly WordPress Websites

A primary goal of any website or blog should be to provide its visitors with a pleasant and fulfilling experience. Regardless of what market the website is targeting, the opinions of users will play a huge role in determining the site’s level of success. Visitors that have positive experiences will be much more likely to .. read more

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Importance of Using a Properly Coded WordPress Theme

What is Valid XHTML and CSS? All computer languages (such as XHTML and CSS) have their own grammar rules. Poor ‘grammar’ results in awkward coding that doesn’t always work proporly. Using Valid XHTML and CSS makes sure that all web browsers, operating systems, and visitors can view the same content. Creative Web Design 123 designs .. read more

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Why LinkedIn is Important to your Business

What Is LinkedIn and Why Is It Important to You? Of all the popular online social networks, there is one whose main focus is business between and for business people and professional businesses.  And this significant online social network is called Linkedin (  Linkedin is about building professional relationships and making contact with potential clients, .. read more

Posted in: SEO, Web Design Tips

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