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Convert Static HTML website to WordPress CMS

Why Convert, Migrate, Or Build Your Website In WordPress

Changing your Website? From Static to a CMS (content management system)?

Have you been thinking about converting your static site to WordPress? Here’s some reasons why you should consider doing this:

  • WordPress is easy to manage
  • The range of plugins and themes available to WordPress users is phenomenal. You don’t need to be a code king or queen to have a functional and pretty site up in minutes
  • Automatic pinging — I post — WordPress pings the search engines and tells them to visit.

Do you like your website but hate the fact that it is so hard to edit?  Does your webmaster take too many vacations?  Why not let us convert your site to the WordPress platform?

Let me explain why converting, migrating, or building your website in WordPress is advantageous:

  • First and foremost – when you need to make a quick change to the content of your website, WordPress makes this easy to do.  That means you don’t have to call your web designer and pay them to make a simple adjustment to your site’s content.
  • Easy to build a “static”, information based website (pages) – AND easily add and use the blogging features (posts).
  • You can make WordPress look and feel any which way you like… that means if you have a website design that you already like, you can migrate or convert that website into WordPress. WordPress themes do not have to look like a blog (our whole website for example is WordPress).
  • Have multiple users who can publish to your website. Say you want to have all your employees blog on a regular basis, and you want to track to make sure they are actually doing it.  Well, you can set up each employee with a user account (or “log in”) to your WordPress website and have them write blog posts! – There are built in controls to make sure they cannot touch the main website content, only write and edit blog posts of their own… WordPress is awesome.

Our goal is for our websites and our client websites to come up first when someone is searching for the products, services, or information that the website contains.

Converting to WordPress will allow you to manage the content on your site, post blogs, manage photo galleries, sell products online, and just about anything else you can think of…

Whether you have a html website that is static, or you’re on a custom CMS – moving to WordPress as CMS will prove to be an amazing investment.

WordPress Toronto WordPress customization services that ensure the success of your website!

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2 Responses to Convert Static HTML website to WordPress CMS
  1. Awesome article.
    Great job. Keep it up.

  2. The WordPress CMS platform is highly recommended for blogs and e-commerce sites because they're frequently updated. It's much easier to them such sites with a CMS.

    Thank you for teaching me,


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