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Create a Membership site with WordPress

Building A Membership Site with WordPress

The most successful marketers in the world know that establishing a monthly money-making vehicle is the key to building fast and reliable wealth.

Adding a membership subscription to your blog or website is one way to add a stable new revenue stream. Membership options on established blogs are becoming quite prevalent on the web world.

You can see the attraction – building a stable monthly revenue stream in return for “Members-Only” content which you can add as you go along – the more content you add, the more attractive a membership becomes.

If you want to run a membership site, WordPress can handle the whole thing for you, when combined with a membership plugin – in this post I will be taking a look at the different options.

But why Create a Membership Site?

Membership sites allow you to increase your blogging revenue, but more importantly it allows you to build another community of exclusive users on top of your main blogging community. In membership sites, you will have more interaction with your audience because it is a selective group of users. You can provide them instant support, reply to each comments, and much more.

People often wonder what is the point of a membership site. Well, when you are creating quality content, then you deserve to be compensated. Membership sites are a win-win for bloggers and users because it guarantees quality content to users, and bloggers are guaranteed a regular income which encourages them to keep blogging. There will always be users who are strictly against this idea of premium content, but when use in moderation, membership sites can be a very profitable venue. New York Time still provides quality content, but their insider articles are even better. If you are a design blog, you can provide a tutorial for free, and give source file downloads to premium members ONLY. This way you are still providing quality content and earning a steady income.

Do you want to create a member’s only website? Do you want to create some extra income running a membership website? Give us a call, we can help you.

WordPress Toronto WordPress customization services that ensure the success of your website!

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