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Do I need a CMS Website?

Do you need a Content Management System?

In order for you to understand whether your require CMS websites in the first place, it is imperative to understand what a CMS website actually is and how it can help your business in the long run.

Clients often ask if they need a Content Management System (CMS) to help manage website changes. In theory, these allow organizations to effectively manage their own site changes. This post will delve into the pros and cons of using a CMS. Typical features include:

  • Security — Password protected logins and different levels of control over site design and content.
  • Multiple users with multiple roles — Different users can have different capabilities so that, for instance, many people can create new content, but only certain editors and administrators can make those changes part of the live website.
  • Templates — Standardization of web sites and site sections, and removing the need for special formatting of each new piece of content. Also enables some things to be changed site-wide very easily.
  • Simplified content creation and editing — Most common CMSs allow users to create and edit content without knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • Task automation — Automatic creation of menus, navigation tools, sitemaps, RSS feeds, etc.
  • Expanded functionality — Many CMS systems support “plug-ins” that provide additional functionality like blogs, email list management, usage statistics, etc.
  • Lower cost — Simplified content creation and editing saves time and reduces the reliance on technical services and outside vendors.

The above list is by no means complete, but it summarizes the basic capabilities and points out the most popular benefits. There are hundreds of different CMSs that offer a variety of additional capabilities that may be valuable for particular situations.

Who requires a CMS website?

Anyone who needs a website that they want to update on a daily basis and do not want to run to their web designer each time they need something updated on the website.

What are the contents that may need updating on a regular basis?

Content in the form of News, Articles, Announcements, Blogs, Product or Image Galleries etc.

WordPress is one of our preferred open source web software that we use to create stunning websites. We like it because of its simplicity and intuitive admin control panel that is so very easy to use. Also there are thousands of plugins available for almost anything that you can think of. Plugins help extend the core functionality of the cms software and helps add more features and functionality to your cms website. Plugins can be downloaded and installed in your website by just the touch of a button. Plugins can help you display your Twitter tweets, create a social network, include videos from YouTube, monetize your blog, flash gallery etc.

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4 Responses to Do I need a CMS Website?
  1. Well said about using the CMS for building web application.
    Thanks for sharing the info.

  2. The benefits of CMS are multiple. Enough reason to have it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great article. Keep them coming!

  4. CMS websites is advisable if you plan on constantly changing the content of your website in order to provide fresh information and can easily be edited through a user interface.


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