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It’s easy to buy into a catchy phrase like “social Media”, but facts are facts and email is still the most prevalent and prolific form of all online communication. A vibrant Email Newsletter Design can drive dozens of visitors back to your website in a flash. Setup correctly with an external email client, you’ll be able to track opens, clicks and AB tests to ensure your content is reaching people in their inboxes.

A great way to build up a relationship with your existing and prospective clients is via an email newsletter. Find how easy it is to get started.

Why send emails? An email newsletter may include an update on your latest services or products, special offers and seasonal promotions, or even free advice and tips relevant to your company’s specialism.

Research shows that on average a customer will have had 7-8 forms of contact with a business before they commit to a purchase. An email newsletter is an excellent way to start this process and then strengthen the relationship with your customers compared with your competitors efforts. (We recommend that your website should contain a sign up form to capture the email addresses of visitors wishing to subscribe to your regular newsletter.)

Custom Design

  • Custom email design layout – we will design a template to suit your needs and existing corporate identity
  • Choose from multiple templates – we can design many different templates for you to choose between
  • We test our deisgns on all popular email systems to ensure they display correctly and are spam compliant (spam testing is also determined by the content of an email)

We specialize in streamlining Third-Party email marketing software with WordPress to deliver powerful online marketing campaigns that are fully integrated with your website. Don’t wait for people to search for your content, add a signup form to your WordPress site and start sending email updates ASAP.

Get Started Now We’ve got lots of ideas and experience in creating email newsletters and we would love demonstrate our email marketing to you.

WordPress Toronto WordPress customization services that ensure the success of your website!

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Our passion is customizing WordPress into fully functional sites that you (the client) can manage yourself. We specialized in deep WordPress customization, and our compounded knowledge and experience gives us an advantage over those attempting to use WordPress on their own. We make you a drop-dead gorgeous website you can maintain yourself; optimized for top search engine placement. We are available to help you. Call us @ 647-403-2052 today!

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Follow our WordPress Design tweets

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