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Email Newsletter Marketing

Email marketing is a way to be proactive and get your information out to clients rather than waiting for clients to come to you. Email marketing continues to be a viable form of communication and studies show the ROI for Email marketing is endless. Email marketing works because it is targeted, data driven, builds trust, and supports sales.

We can help you get an effective email program launched whether your goal is to email promotions and offers with immediate action or send informative email newsletters to build credibility and strengthen relationships. Our experience in databases and personalization will help your program evolve into a highly relevant, targeted conversation with your customers.

WordPress newsletter well integrated into the WordPress platform itself, create, customize, send your newsletters from your own Website. We can send emails directly from your blog, collect statistics, has a built in feed by mail service and an auto-responder for follow up you new subscribers.

Eblast Sample | Targeted email blast campaign

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