How to Make Sticky Posts in WordPress

///How to Make Sticky Posts in WordPress

Today I want to show you how to use the Sticky Posts feature in your WordPress blog. Sticky posts are blog posts or articles that remain at the top of your homepage for as long as you like. This is great for certain important posts you want to display longer than usual, even if you create other posts after them.

I’ll be showing you a quick and easy way to start using Sticky Posts on your blog. This is the front page of my personal blog. I want to make the second post on this page, titled Thirty Five, a Sticky Post, so that it’ll stay at the top of my page as long as I like.

First you would need to login to your WP-Admin Panel, and open up the post page. Look towards the right hand sidebar where you will see a Publish box. Look at the (Visibility: Public) field and click edit. Check the box to make the post Sticky and publish it.

If you want to make an older post sticky, follow the same steps and just click save.

And how do you “un-stick” it when you no longer want it to be the first post?

Just uncheck the box, update your post, and it falls back into the flow of posts according to its post date.

Can you make more than one post sticky?

Oh yes…and they’ll order themselves according to their post dates. So, if you make two posts sticky, the one with the most recent date will show first, then the other one, and then the rest of the blog posts will show.


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