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Keeping WordPress up to date – Is It Really Necessary?

WordPress Update – Is it necessary and important to update WordPress Website?

Upgrading WordPress Is It Really Necessary Or Not..? Well this is one of those questions I get asked quite often, especially by those that are fairly new to WordPress.

If there is a critical security patch then I would say without doubt, grab it with both hands, for the simple reason that there are people (and I use the term lightly), roaming the Internet in search of unprotected & insecure sites, on which to wreak their havoc! I have had hacking attempts on my own sites so don’t think that hackers would not be interested in your site, because they are interested in any opportunity to practice their hacking abilities.

This is why, WordPress has developers team that including security developers, that always try to improve the security holes of older WordPress with the newer files to help hardening WordPress. For this reason doing a WordPress update is necessary, because after a WordPress update your blog files will be harder to “hack” compared if you still have the old files.

Keeping your WordPress version update is important as, according to company Sucuri Security, 70% of website hacks are because of outdated software. And website hacks are very much on the rise.

If we didn’t and you’re not sure if your site runs WordPress, login to your site and it should load a page called “Dashboard.” The box in the upper left corner should say “Right Now” and say “You are using WordPress version number.” If you don’t see this, you most likely don’t have WordPress.

It is possible that you have a website where only the blog itself runs WordPress. If you have a separate login for your blog than the login for the other pages on your site, login to your blog and check.

If you want your website updated but are un-comfortable doing this yourself, we offer the service for you.

Backing up your entire WordPress Website.

Not only is backing up your blog essential, but also backing up your other websites and files on you computer.

Why Should I Upgrade WordPress?

Compatibility with New Plugins. If you are running an older version of WordPress and install a brand new plugin, it may require the latest version of WordPress to work correctly. In such a case, you would somehow have to find an older version of that plugin that is compatible with your version of WordPress, and that version might be missing some important features and bug fixes that were introduced in the newer version.

If you are using an older version of WordPress, you might be doing many things the long way.


So to answer the question Upgrading WordPress – Is It Really Necessary..?” I would have to answer Yes by all means upgrade, but do it when your ready & not because you feel pressured into doing so; this way you will be assured of a trouble free installation of WordPress & when you see some of the sites produced by this excellent blogging software, you soon realise why WordPress is still rated as the number 1 blogging platform.

To me, WordPress updates are necessary and important.

We can help: Upgrade WordPress Service

What’s included…

  • A working backup of your database and all website files saved to our external hard drive.
  • Manual removal of all obsolete WordPress files.
  • Upload of the latest WordPress core files.
  • Upgrade of your database to the latest stable version.
  • Upgrade of WordPress plugins (if they were hacked, price of update will go up).
  • Test your updated WordPress site.
  • Detailed report of your WordPress updates.

Click Here to Get Your WordPress Upgraded Now! Starting at $75 dollars per upgrade WordPress Website.

WordPress Toronto WordPress customization services that ensure the success of your website!

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