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Brand Your Company Online, And Watch Your Business Grow

Whether you are consider creating a website for your business, or if have a website already, branding your company with a consistent theme look is a savvy business move that pays off. Online branding makes your business memorable to consumers because it gives your company a personality. Ask any high priced consultant in the field of online marketing about the basics of creating a successful brand, and she’ll tell you that a consistent visual image is imperative to successful marketing on the web.

Let’s look at the details of what you get with this Website Special….

  • 1 design mockup
  • + 4 design revisions
  • + 10 pages
  • + 3 gallery (you provide the images, and 12 images per gallery)
  • + 4 contact form
  • + optional blog
  • + 10 corporate Email Accounts
  • + Paypal simple shopping cart
  • + SEO Marketing
  • Domain, & Maintenance is extra.
  • One new document per web page (Simple Word Doc)

What A Branded Look Means For You

A majority of your customers are already using the Internet and social networking. Will they remember you? Some of your customers socialize primarily on social networking sites, and visit a variety of sites like Facebook and Twitter every day. By posting pictures, sending messages and videos, your customers engage with these sites for hours at a time.

Many companies use social networking sites for marketing. You can, too.

Branding your business using custom templates means that customers will recognize your business instantly. Graphic branding is an essential part of a coherent marketing strategy because it expands your customer base, and gives your business a personality.

Which Sites Can Be Branded?

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Posterous are just a few social networking sites that you can use to market your business. We can help you brand your company by creating custom templates with graphics of your choice for a consistent image, helping customers to remember you.

Talk To Us, Get Branded

The Creative Web Design 123 creative team has talented designers who can help you brand your company using your feedback for inspiration, or you can let them design one for you. Talk to us today to find out how economical it can be to get a coherent image for your business online.

Next steps: Check out the rest of our Website Creative Web Design 123. Go here and send us detail info of your business. No contracts, no commitment, no heavy sales pitch. See the “Process” section if you would like to know more about the website design process.

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