Quick Guide to Web Hosting

//Quick Guide to Web Hosting

Quick Guide to Web Hosting (For WordPress Websites) Toronto

Recommended Web Hosts (WordPress Web hosting)

Choosing a web host that is secure, reliable, and fast is a difficult task, especially with so many web hosts to choose from. These web hosts may look great on paper, but is their web hosting performance consistent with their claims? Can they deliver a solid web hosting experience? Can they keep your sensitive information secure? In short, what is the best web host?

If you’re looking for a free blog or website provider, you’ll probably have come across WordPress as an option for your new website. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) used by millions of bloggers all over the world. In fact, it’s the most popular CMS on the web, with well over 12 million independent installs.

Each instance of WordPress can host a network of blogs, providing your hosting plan offers the disk space and bandwidth capacity for you to do so. Each blog can be independently administrated, with one Super Admin account holding the keys to the network at large. This makes it a great choice for anyone running multiple sites on the same hosting account.

The primary strength of WordPress is its flexibility: it can be adapted, extended and modified to suit almost any purpose. The front end of WordPress is built around a customisable template system, but several areas within those templates can be accessed very easily through the administration menus. Changing the header layout or the contents of the sidebar is often a case of drag and drop with no coding required, and many code changes can be carried out by someone with only limited HTML and PHP knowledge. Plugins to extend the software can turn WordPress into an events listings website, an e-commerce store, a subscription-only membership resource or a discussion forum.

WordPress is designed to be scalable, so even the most basic hosting plan is usually fine. Out of the box, WordPress can be extended to run several blogs from the same database, but you may need to check that your host will accommodate this. Some may impose bandwidth restrictions, and if you upload lots of media, you might find that disk space becomes tight on cheaper plans.

WordPress Hosting must keeps your site running smoothly, even when your latest post goes viral, by automatically spreading traffic spikes across multiple servers. Plus, our advanced performance and security means your site is lightning-fast and your visitors are safe.

Thanks to years of extensive experience on the web with many web hosts, we have sorted through the bad web hosts, the good web hosts, the great web hosts, and the best web hosts.

We believe HostGator to be the best web host with the greatest value, reliable uptime, fast servers, and stable web hosting.

If you have any questions about web hosts, we would be more than happy to chat with you about them. Feel free to contact us!

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