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Quick Guide: Using WordPress as a CMS

The Comprehensive Guide for a Powerful CMS using WordPress

Content Management System is a web application that allows managing the web content easily. It provides good workflow capabilities. User can alter their content without HTML or coding knowledge. It facilitates the user to contribute, share, control, arrange, and maintain the contents of the web by themselves at low cost.

Our WordPress CMS services allow our customers to manage their websites in a firm manner as we offer more and best suitable features. This permits our user to:

  • Add, edit and delete a web page
  • Allows content editing using WYSIWYG editor
  • Serves to modify navigationa, links, etc

Benefits of Using WordPress as a CMS

Simple Interface:

The WordPress platform offers a simple user interface when it comes to other content management systems. After logging into WP you’ll arrive at the dashboard. The WordPress dashboard allows you to change many elements of your website without having to know a line of code. You can change/edit images, pages, posts, content and a variety of other features fairly quickly. Check out the logged in WP dashboard below:

Using WordPress as a CMS

User Friendly:

WordPress is extremely user friendly. Other content management systems boast about their endless list of features, but more often than not, they are extremely complicated to use. WordPress however, is easy to adapt to without any needed support. To add a new post to your blog/website you’ll need to create a new post, customize the URL, upload/edit content and “update” the page, which will push it live on your site. Check out this process below:

Using WordPress as a CMS

Web Library:

WordPress has an extensive web library of templates and plugins. Templates are used to change the look and feel of your WP website. Often times you can download a variety of free templates online that can meet a variety of your needs. Plugins are another great feature that allow you to add specific elements to your WP platform. If you do a search for either WordPress templates/plugins you’ll be able to peruse the extensive list of templates/plugins.

It’s Free:

You don’t have to pay for the WordPress platform. The only time you will ever have to pay for anything is if you decide to create a custom WP template. We specialize in WordPress Theme costumization, with you want a unique/customized template.

It’s Extremely User-Friendly

Other Content Management Systems which claim to be more robust or feature-rich tend to be rather poor in user-friendliness, which is a key point. Simplicity is the critical aspect here as beginners can easily adopt and handle WordPress. Even if most of your clients do not have any knowledge of programming language or they are less experienced CMS users, they can stll easily pick up WordPress in a matter of hours as the learning curve is rather low.

Showcase Of WordPress CMS Powered Sites

It’s a surprise to see how creative designers or developers have customised the WordPress blog system into a unique business site. Together with JavaScript and Flash, it has change the blog system into something so different you won’t believe it’s powered by WordPress.

Why not take a look at some of the sites that we have worked in WordPress as their Content Management System. You can see the functionality of each site, provide some inspirational ideas of your selection of CMS and compare with other various CMS regarding the extent of WordPress capability.

WordPress Toronto WordPress customization services that ensure the success of your website!

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  1. Very well said.
    Wordpress really rocks.


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