Should I Change My Website Into a Blog?

//Should I Change My Website Into a Blog?

Your New WordPress Website

Everybody wants a blog site these days so they can say something and be heard, create a group or invite discussion, or even sell your product.

But now more than ever, blog sites have become powerful opportunities for being found by Search Engines, creating links to other sites, Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

In addition, blog sites by their very nature come with Content Management Systems (CMS) already built in so you can make changes to the site by yourself without having to pay a webmaster and wait for him to get around to it.

WordPress websites are probably the most popular blog sites out there. They can be set up for free and hosted for free or they can be customized and stylized to an incredible degree. They also give you the capability to create “static” pages – pages that don’t change or have “comments” from viewers of the website, as a standard blog page does.

In the same category of Content Management type sites – sites you can control without being a web or computer expert.

So you might be wondering – why do we recommend WordPress? The bottom line is that it can be used to create beautiful search engine optimized websites with blogging capability, social media integration, and a user-friendly CMS (Content Management System) with a relatively low cost when compared to alternatives.

WordPress as a blog and website. The best of both worlds. Out of the box WordPress lets users create website pages, and posts. It is extremely commonplace now to have a corporate blog running besides a corporate website. Multiple permission levels and the easy nature of publishing make WordPress ideal for any manner of websites.

If you would like help moving your Website to WordPress, review the services I offer and then fill out a project questionnaire. I’ll be in touch!

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