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///Social Media Explained

Social Media ExplainedSocial Media Marketing Defined

At times, social media resembles to a deep ocean of various elements and it’s easy to be lost in the wide range of web platforms.

Social media networks are so very different. Each has a distinct set of characteristics, reasons why some folks use it and others do not, and best practices for marketing tactics. If you employ one strategy across all networks, or automate your posts from one platform across others, you will find that your results diminish on some networks. Therefore, it is very important for each business marketer to determine how and why they will strategically use each social network. Your brand reputation and character are at stake.

To define social media marketing, we have to first understand its foundations. Social media platforms are comprised of social networks, without social networks social media marketing would not exist. Social networks are social structures made up of individuals known as ties, and having a close social network can encourage healthy online behavior. Social networks are the foundation of social media marketing.

Social media is EVERYWHERE. There are new networks popping up all the time. Are you struggling to keep up and understand them all? Well fear not. Everything can be explained by your business Website, even Social Media!

Let’s make social media easy:

  • TWITTER: I have business Website #soho
  • FACEBOOK: Please “like” my business Website
  • INSTAGRAM: Here is a vintage photo of my business Location
  • FOURSQUARE: This is where my business is located
  • YOUTUBE: Here is Video of my business Website
  • PINTEREST: Here is a display of my business Showroom
  • IMGUR: Here is a viral of my business Showroom
  • ITUNES: Here is the sound of my my business Showroom
  • LINKEDIN: I am an expert in my business (see my website)
  • SKYPE: Watch me live from my business Showroom via webcam
  • GOOGLE+: Look, my business is also in Google
  • SPOTIFY: Listening to the sound of my business Showroom

I hope this made everything clear.

Social Media is definitely a powerful and influential marketing tool for your fitness center and free unless you buy fancy software to do all those legwork for you. Used it wisely and it can not only create interest in your fitness center, deliver valuable information such as fitness products and schedules but also helps you connect with your customers on a daily or weekly basis.

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  1. additional reading October 17, 2013 at 9:33 am

    Thank you so much for explaining each social media tool. This has helped us understand it better so we know how to use it to our advantage when marketing.

    Each social media has its own pros and cons so it's really great learn which to use for what.

    We are learning from you for sure!

    Thank you

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