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Social Media Marketing

You are probably already using Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and Twitter on a personal level, to keep in touch with family and friends, business and keep up with what’s going on in your own personal / business social network.

You’ll already have a basic understanding of how Facebook / Linkedin / YouTube / Twitter works, and the transition to using Facebook / Linkedin / YouTube / Twitter for business won’t be too much of a stretch for you.

Or you may have resisted social networking altogether, which is fine – until your competitors start to realise the potential power of reaching so many people so instantly!

The main benefit in social networking for business, is that it enables you to connect with your client base through a number of different mediums – it gives your clients the ability to choose their preferred service, or use multiple services to keep up with your business. Social networking for business also enables your clients to instantly pass on your message to their entire social network – essentially giving you a free, viral marketing channel.

We believe in an integrated approach, using your company website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and email marketing. These four avenues all have their individual strengths, and when they are used in conjunction with each other the results speak for themselves. Many business owners find it a challenge to understand how these parts fit together, but we are here to help.

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