My Big ugly Website

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Your Website is Ugly – But we can fix it Do you wish your website was getting you more customers? Is it hard for your visitors to find what they are looking for? Is your bounce rate too high? Is your conversion rate too low? Do you need work done on your website? I specialize in [...]

Are you Embarrassed of your Website? Benefits of a Website Redesign

2018-01-03T16:12:07+00:00 December 31st, 2013|

Are You Embarrassed by Your Website? Picture this #1. You are at a important networking event and meet five potential clients, who all show an interest in doing business with you. You direct them to your website. They promise to be in touch. But then you never hear from them again. Why? Is it because your [...]

Responsive Web Design Experts

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Responsive Web Design - One Website That Looks Great on All Devices We leverage the latest web development technology to create websites that focus on user experience. Our creative approach to design and conversion optimization allows us to produce industry leading lead generation and ecommerce websites that excel at accomplishing their objectives. Responsive Design is the Future [...]

Lost your webmaster? Need a Web Guy now?

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My Web Guy Just Quit. Help! If you lost your webmaster, we can take over, we have done it (sadly) too often on the expense of the client. The mains reasons were that either the client was too small for them or that the webmaster was too small for the client. In either case, we can [...]

Add WordPress blog to existing website

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Can I add a WordPress Blog to my existing website? Question: I have my sites up and going, manually coded - no wordpress or anything. Now I would like to add blog page to my site so I can update it without touching main pages. I'm not much of a coder/haven't used WordPress before and was [...]

WordPress Maintenance Made Easy!

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Website Maintenance Services that save you time and money. Do what you do best and leave the rest to us. Monthly reporting, speedy website updates, design changes and much more. Your WordPress website needs regular maintenance to perform as it should. Updates are always being made to WordPress itself as well as themes and plugins, and keeping [...]

Professional LinkedIn Training Courses

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Learn to LinkedIn Marketing for Business! Making the most of the business opportunities on LinkedIn. The key to your success on LinkedIn begins with a powerful and professional presence.  You must strategically write your profile with your ideal client in mind before you start connecting to maximize the impact of your first impression online. The Linkedin [...]

The Best WordPress Hosting – Where To Host?

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Which Web Host Do You Recommend? We love WordPress and we know the importance of choosing the right WordPress Host for your website. Over the years we’ve personally used countless hosting companies and have experienced the entire scale of performance, uptime, speed and service. So when it comes to recommending a WordPress host to our customers, [...]

Static HTML Site to WordPress

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Or Re-designing Your Current HTML Website to A WordPress Website Are you ready to change your current static website to a WordPress website? Or maybe you already have a WordPress website but you want to do a redesign without disturbing your current website. Here is the easiest way to convert a static website to a WordPress blog. [...]

Need expert help with your WordPress Website?

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WordPress is currently the most popular open source CMS. According to Technocrati usage statistics, it powers up 34% of blogs worldwide. This wonderful CMS can accomodate any kind of website, from small to large-scale, from light to heavy, from static to e-commerce. IronMonk can build a powerful and fully-customizable Website for you using this wonderful CMS. [...]