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Why should your charity use WordPress?

Building a WordPress website for your non-profit

Non profit organizations do need to have an online presence too. No matter what cause you are concerned with, having a website can help you connect with others in your community more effectively. It goes without saying that a website can increase the amount of donation you receive. Best of all, you can actually promote your cause online and get more people familiar with it.

Building a website is for your nonprofit isn’t not as hard as some people make it seem. WordPress relatively simple to set up and get started compared to other popular systems, and this is what makes it a great option for small non profits.

These are few of the things a non for profit website needs:

  • Easy To Use – If you can edit a Word Doc, you can publish webpages with WordPress. And with themes, designing the layout and style can be done without any HTML or CSS knowledge.
  • Solid SEO – WordPress also allows you to configure permalinks and edit your title tags and descriptions, so that you can more effectively rank in search.
  • Dynamic Content – WordPress is the number one blogging platform on the planet, allowing you to publish posts, allow readers to subscribe by RSS and comment on posts.
  • Inexpensive – After the initial costs, monthly hosting fees can run as low as $5 per month. Plus, the ease-of-use factor means that you don’t have to pay a designer every time you need to make tweaks.
  • Powerful Social Media Tool – WordPress as a social media tool is one of the top reasons most folks use it as their CMS platform.
  • Easily Integrate With Donation Platforms – Tools like Giving Impact and Razoo allow you to customize their apps and embed code within a WordPress Page or sidebar.

As you can see, there is more than one reason why WordPress has become such a popular Content Management System for non-profit. Ready to start using WordPress? Contact us now!

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