What can a website do for my business?

//What can a website do for my business?

Does my business need a website?

Nowadays your website is more likely to be the first place potential customers will look to find out information about your company and its services. Whether they simply want to know how to find you, need an answer to a question, see the products you sell or want to place an order; having a well designed website, is crucial to the success of your business.

Good web design means good business

The quality of the design of your website will influence not only how a visitor feels about the professionalism of your services (maintaining a corporate look, connected to web 2.0 services like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin), but also their sense of trust in using your website.

Research has shown that website design can impact customer’s credibility judgments. It can boost users’ likelihood of believing content; it can influence their probability of trusting the organization operating a website; it can create a strong and lasting first impression. Poor design can evoke mistrust, disbelief, and disregard. When competing in saturated online environments, credulity is a factor that increases or decreases a users’ willingness to believe, act or buy from you, as opposed to your competition.

Web Usability means happy customers

When new visitors arrive at your website, they must see instantly that the website is relevant to their needs and will deliver their goals as quickly as possible. This means good branding, clear navigation and expertly written content (yes, we also develop content). Your website also needs to be as accessible as possible whatever platform or browser your visitors choose (from PC to Mac, to Smartphones).

Website Price versus value

While we might not be the cheapest web designers in town (Toronto, Canada), what we do know is that our sites are better value than most other designers due to that fact that our solutions work! Remember that a web site is not a commodity. You should expect your website to add value to your business and as such should see it as an investment

Content Management System (CMS)

We provide you with an open-sourced CMS such as WordPress, the extensible architecture of WordPress will allow our developers to create and integrate any functionality imaginable with your website, with limitless possibilities. Our experience with WordPress will provide you with more than just a great tool to edit and update your website. No web programming or HTML knowledge required to make updates to your website. We provide will be scalable and extensible website development platform, suitable for a company of any size.

Forums, Blogs, Polls, Social Media Networks

One of important components of a successful website is a user interaction and participation. We can design and create forums, polls, blogs, Twitter page, YouTube Channel, Facebook fan page and build your social media network presence to help you create the buzz around your brand.

Newsletter, Mailing List and Email Marketing Campaign

Email has become an integral part of our daily lives. For many, it’s their primary tool of communication. We can help custom design your next e-mail marketing campaign, blast out to your list, track the performance and success of the campaign in full detailed reports. A well-designed e-mail campaign can be used as an effective tool to allow businesses to reach customers and prospects as well as communicate with their client base on a regular basis whether as a form of weekly or monthly news releases, new product announcement and promotion or basically giving out valuable information. Key components for effective email design include strong design that reflect your brand, compelling subject line, intriguing header, informative / persuasive content, relevant links and strong suggestive offer / call to action.

So, what can a Website do for me?

  • Attract customers and partner.
  • Use your Web site to increase your sales and marketing efforts.
  • Communicate information about your products and services to current and potential customers.
  • Use Public and Private folders to exchange files with visitors.
  • Post graphics, photos, and links to other Web pages.

A Web site increases your sales and marketing efforts by establishing a cost-effective presence on the Web. You can utilize the site’s powerful communication tools to help reduce phone tag; lower long distance and conference calling fees; and dramatically increase the quality of your customer service and the visibility of your business.

A website today is an important part of your business marketing!

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