Why you should be using WordPress

//Why you should be using WordPress

Why You Should Use WordPress?

WordPress is a great script which often does not get the credit and appreciation that it deserves. When people think of WordPress, they think of it as just a simple blogging script. Although that used to be true in the past, WordPress has evolved through out the years into a versatile Content Management System (CMS). We believe that WordPress is not a blogging software, it is the BEST publishing software which is FREE. WordPress is simple, and we agree with that statement. But due to its simplicity, it is open to possibilities. We have seen WordPress being used by some of the top businesses in the industry. It is a powerful tool with robust features.

But before that, in what ways to use WordPress?

WordPress can be used in many different ways. It is open to possibilities. Our site is not a blog, it is more of a business resource website, and we are running it on WordPress. You can use WordPress as the following:

  • Newsletter, Magazine
  • Blog
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Gallery
  • Portfolio
  • Video Gallery
  • Audio Gallery
  • Rating Website
  • Shopping Store
  • Membership Site

Note that above are just some examples that you can use WordPress as. When a creative mind is working with WordPress, then the sky is the limit. So the questions are:

Do you need a WordPress website for your business? If the answer is “Yes,” then you’ve come to the right place. To get started, visit our Request A Quote page. This will send us an email so that we can get in touch with you to talk about your project. We will then schedule a brief call to determine if we should move forward.

Do you want to start a WordPress blog for your business? Blogs are a great way to share information, updates, promotions and news with your website visitors. To make our blog even more interesting, you can add some video. If you’ve been thinking about jumping in and becoming a blogger and need some help getting started, we can help. Go ahead and use the Request A Quote page so we will know how to contact you.

Have you started using email marketing? We are NOT talking about annoying people with unwanted email or spam. When used intelligently, email can be a great way to stay in touch with current or potential customers through each step of the sales process. There are some fun and easy to use tools available that we can help you get started with. If you are already using email, we still might be able to help you take it to the next level. To find out more, Request A Quote.

Are you ready to get started? We hope so! Most projects can be customized to have as many bells and whistles as you like, or trimmed down to fit in to a tighter budget. If you are ready to get started, go ahead and Request A Quote.

What we love about WordPress

One click upgrades. Traditionally, upgrading a website for new features was quite a technical process involving costly development time.  WordPress streamlines this process into a dummy proof click-to-upgrade interface.

New Multi-Site management. Newer versions of WordPress support multi-site installations.  Historically, maintaining separate websites meant maintaining separate systems.  That means when an upgrade is released, we must implement that upgrade on each of the websites we maintain.  By utilizing a multi-site platform, we can scale our resources better to keep costs lower

Manage from your iPhone / Android / Blackberry. Though it is technically possible to do this on other platforms, the WordPress team has done an outstanding job making this killer feature.  This allows site owners to update their website with almost no learning curve – a feature that we find invaluable.

Very simple and intuitive management interface. Overall, this is the most important, yet also the most difficult to describe.  When you manage as many websites as we do, inefficiencies and cumbersome user interface stick out like a sore thumb.  WordPress is a lean mean website machine.  Easier and faster management means lower costs – and that’s good for everybody!

Are you ready to start selling your products or services online? We can get you set up with some easy to use tools that will enable you to sell tangible goods or digital products from your website. If you charge your customers or clients for services you offer, you should consider adding the option of allowing them to pay you online. Use the Request A Quote page to contact us about this.

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