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We offer Priority WordPress Emergency Support

Our WordPress Emergency Support gets your website back up and running quickly.

WordPress Emergency SupportEvery now and again, things go wrong. 

On WordPress that could mean that a fatal error in a plugin or a ‘white-screen of death’ makes the site unusable.

Here are just a few of the things that can go wrong on your website:

  • Hackers can fill your site with embarrassing images, or compromise your user confidentiality – to name just 2 possibilities
  • Your site gets mentioned on national TV, and traffic spikes. Which is wonderful – but your server can’t handle it, and your entire site crashes just when more people are targeting it than ever before
  • You install or update a plugin – and your entire admin section disappears, or the entire site starts playing up
  • Your site suddenly slows down inexplicably, at just the time most of your users are on it
  • Strange characters suddenly show up all over your site, and nothing you can do eliminates them
  • You need changes made to your site urgently
  • You need to really fast track customer development of a theme or plugin, because the competition is hot on your heels

We understand that when things go wrong on your site, it is an emergency and has to be fixed as soon as is possible. We know that when catastrophe strikes, you need someone reliable to sort it out without delay. We are experienced WordPress developers, and we know how to deal with every kind of emergency that could strike your site.
We can:

  • Take immediate steps to minimise damage to your site and reputation
  • Trouble shoot any kind of error
  • Move your site to a cloud platform to instantly improve speed
  • Fast-track development

When you contact WordPressboys, this is what you can expect:

  • We will get back to you immediately, check your site, and quote you
  • We will take immediate measures to protect the reputation of your site
  • We know that you will not stop worrying until the problem is sorted out, so we undertake to update you every 4 hours
  • We have a delivery time of 24 hours or less on emergency services

There is no problem too big or too small for us to handle!

Let’s fix your website.

Press the Emergency button!

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