WordPress Maintenance Made Easy!

//WordPress Maintenance Made Easy!

WordPress Maintenance Made Easy!Website Maintenance Services that save you time and money.

Do what you do best and leave the rest to us. Monthly reporting, speedy website updates, design changes and much more.

Your WordPress website needs regular maintenance to perform as it should. Updates are always being made to WordPress itself as well as themes and plugins, and keeping your WordPress installation up-to-date is extremely important, especially since so many WordPress updates are security fixes and patches that will prevent potential exploits of the vulnerabilities of your website or blog.

Because WordPress is so widespread, it is constantly being targeted by hackers who will try to break into your site and wreak havoc. As soon the WordPress developers find these vulnerabilities, they create patches to fix them, leading to regular updates that will keep your WordPress installation clean and safe. If you do not keep your WordPress installation current, you risk becoming the next victim to malicious attacks that can be easily prevented by keeping your WordPress code up-to-date.

Standard Package – $75.00/hour

1- Our standard package offers web design maintenance based on a per hour charge of $75.00.  The minimum billable time is 30 minutes for $40.00.  A signed contract is required to keep billing information on file. Standard package hours will be billed once per week unless individual work reaches 3 hours or more.

2- Five (5) hours of web design maintenance per calendar month at a pro-rated charge of $60.00/hour. Time not used during calendar month is non-transferrable to next calendar month. Additional time above the five (5) hours will be billed at $65.00/hour.

3- Ten (10) hours of web design maintenance per calendar month at a pro-rated charge of $50.00/hour. Time not used during calendar month is non-transferrable to next calendar month. Additional time above the ten (10) hours will be billed at $55.00/hour.

Do it right the first time.

Quick turn around time, priority queues, knowledgeable staff and first class support are just a few of the website maintenance services we provide. We go the extra mile to ensure every customer’s expectations are exceeded. We have an in-house team with years of experience focused on customer service. We can help. Call us today to find out how we can help make your website a success. 647-403-2052

The benefits of our web maintenance services:

  • Save time and money
  • Expert knowledge
  • Friendly staff
  • Quick turn around time
  • 24/7 Support

Let us take the hassle out of maintaining your website by doing it for you! These maintenence packages are a great option if you are not technically inclined, or if you are simply too busy to be able to do it. In addition, a discount to these packages is available with a 1 year commitment.

Our maintenance packages include the following services:

  • Updating your site’s software whenever new versions are released.
  • Posting new content you provide, including basic SEO for new pages.
  • Optimizing and posting new images you provide.
  • Searching for stock images based upon your criteria.
  • Maintaining e-commerce programs (loading new products, adjusting product information, etc…).
  • Adding e-mail accounts.
  • Monitoring forums and comments, checking for spam.
  • Prrofreading provided content for typos and grammar errors.
  • Posting new links and responding to webmaster e-mails.
  • Emergency repairs due to hacker attacks.
  • Keeping current backups.

Maintenance, Security, Backups & Support for your WordPress Install.

To sign up for the monthly WordPress Maintenance Program Please fill out this form and I will get in touch with you shortly.

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  1. lovie han October 21, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    This is great! I've been using WordPress and it's good to know this update, it will be easy for me to maintain my sites.

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