WordPress: Publish a Post at a Future Date and Time

///WordPress: Publish a Post at a Future Date and Time

You can queue multiple blog posts in WordPress that will publish automatically in a future date. In this way, you can stack up a number of blog posts and set it to publish one post each day for the next week ( 7 days or more) – you’ll be free from your computer for this time being as WordPress does the job for you.

Write your blog posts as you usually do BUT before publishing it notice the Edit link in the Publish window at the right side where you type your content.

As you can see, the blog post draft was last edited on 2012 december 21 at 12:00pm. We will click on the Edit link so that the published date and time will be shown. Set a future date and time for this blog post. In this example, we set it to be publish on 2012 december 21 at 12:00pm.

Then, click on Publish. If you will go to Posts under Manage you will see the blog post scheduled to be published on the date and time you set.

 Note: You can set virtually unlimited blog posts to be published on a later date.

This makes it extremely easy to write posts ahead of your publishing schedule and have them published automatically. This is a great technique if you are going on vacation but don’t want a big gap in posts published on your website or blog.

That is all you need to do to schedule posts to self publish. You can schedule as many posts as you like using this method.

Recurring scheduling is optional, but it’s extremely easy with Post Later. You select the start date, how frequently the entry should be posted, the number of times that the entry posting should recur, and Post Later does the rest for you while you spend your time on more important things.


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