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Need support with your WordPress website or blog?

Is your website already working for you, but you just don’t have time to deal with the regular updates yourself? Whether it’s adding new products to your online store, or adding a new page to your site to feature your that great new service you’re offering, I can probably help.

Or perhaps you already have a great WordPress website but could use an hour or so of training just to get you 100% comfortable adding, editing, and deleting pages and posts or handling that plugin that just doesn’t seem to make sense to you. If you don’t have the time or patience to Google your way to the answers, you may want to give me a buzz for an hour or so of training so that I can walk you through whatever it is that’s baffling, frustrating, and just-plain day-ruining for you.

Your time is valuable and time spent maintaining your WordPress website takes away from the time you could be doing what you really love. Allow us to take charge of your WordPress maintenance tasks and sleep well knowing that your WordPress based website is in good hands.

We offer WordPress web maintenance such as but not limited:

  • WordPress upgrade to the most current version (one of the best ways to keep your site secure and hack-resistant)
  • WordPress plugin installation, configuration & upgrades
  • Update all copyright dates to the new year
  • Full website backup (databases and files)
  • Virus Scan*
  • Upscaling WordPress for High-Traffic
  • WordPress themes, theme tweaks and theme fixes
  • Install widgets and configuration
  • WordPress Social Media integration
  • Blog  marketing
  • Comment monitoring
  • Blog tweaks
  • WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Blogging management
  • Page content editing or addition
  • Spam Deletion
  • Shopping cart integration or addition / updates / management

We offer a full-line of webmaster and website maintenance services including site updates/changes, as well as WordPress blog setup and optimization. Below is a brief list of the website services that we offer – if you need help with something not listed, Contact us to discuss it.

Search engines and human visitors both appreciate well-maintained websites. The new year is an excellent time to make sure all of your website maintenance is done. 

As with home housekeeping these WordPress website maintenance tasks can be accomplished in short order if you keep up with them. However, if you let the broken links pile up, or allow spam comments to weigh down your site, you will experience negative results in your website ranking. So, schedule your website housekeeping.

Other things we do as well:

  • Website updates/changes (images, content, features, etc.)
  • Site build-out; HTML coding; implementing SEO-friendly stylesheets
  • Features add-on (dynamic menus, widgets, etc.)
  • WordPress blog install, optimization, plugin install & design
  • Professional custom logo designs
  • Custom Social Media profile designs (e.g. MySpace, Twitter)
  • SSL registrations/renewals/installations
  • Hosting setup & configuration; Email account management
  • FTP maintenance & cleanup; broken link scanning/repair
  • Tracking code installation; Analytics reporting & analysis

Just like you should always run periodic maintenance on your PC, the same applies to websites. Performing periodic backups, clean-ups, and over all health checks of your WordPress site is important both to functionality, organization, and to help restore your site to a last known good configuration if you loose your site due to a virus, hack, or in more cases then you know, your own mistakes. The following steps you should perform regularly to ensure a functioning WordPress Site.

A website maintenance plan is key to the ongoing success of your website. As Internet trends and technologies are constantly evolving, and your business is growing, Creative Web Design 123 website maintenance plans ensure your site evolves with the changing demands. Get a quote now!

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