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Increase WordPress Website Traffic

WordPress websites can be installed easily in any website and it can be used to drive traffic by writing useful posts that contain relevant information and relevant business key phrases. As we use a blog in our websites to update our prospective and existing customers about our products and services, we can also use it strategically to enhance traffic to our websites.

WordPress websites are very easy to install in your website. You or your web designer can customize them as per your specific needs. The WordPress admin interface is so handy to use that it hardly takes few minutes to write and publish a new post. But it is important to know how to use your blog for search engine optimization and to drive traffic to your website.

Four important things you need to show on your blog are recent posts, archives, categories and comments. Every new post you generate through the WordPress admin must be done strategically as search engines consider it as a new page on your website with a distinct link. Hence, it is vital to understand the importance of the title you select for your blog post. You can easily customize the titles of the posts in WordPress websites in a way that only title comes in the new post link and not the date or category of posts. You can even include business key phrases in the title of the post. For this, you must write a post that contains useful information on the services or products you want to promote. Title must be selected accordingly.

As it is not easy to update content on your website regularly, writing new posts serve that purpose. You can target new keywords through the blog posts. What you need to do is to write relevant content including these keywords and link them with the appropriate page of the website. It serves dual purpose. First, you help your customers to know more about the services you provide and second, you make search engines to see the appropriate interlinking with targeted keywords on your website. You can also target long tail keywords through blog posts as it is not easy to target these keywords through main pages of your website. This way you can drive traffic to your website through WordPress websites.

Here are some tips that you can use to increse more trafic using WordPress websites:

  • Enhance Blog Usability The first task is making it easy for the blog readers to grasp the blog themes instantly and contact you. You should create the mixture of an exquisite style and usability.
  • Complete Your About Page The first thing people are curious about is your personality that’s hidden behind the scenes of your blog. Visitors won’t mind knowing your name, some information about what you do and what you like presented in a personal way.
  • Create Subscriptions and Newsletters Send information about any promos, giveaways, contests and just recent blog posts via e-mail to the subscribed readers of your WordPress blog.
  • Activate the Social Sharing Option The majority of blog owners are actively using this option allowing the readers to share the posts with their friends and partners on social networks, through their blog or even email.
  • Submit New Posts Regularly The whole essence and the golden rule of blogging is updating the blog site with brand new content regularly or, otherwise, you risk to face a rapid loss of readers interest.
  • Select Nice Titles and Write Professionally Being short and exciting enough, the good title will uncover any topic clearly. If you are publishing the articles updates to Facebook or Twitter, you are aware that people will only see the title and your link.
  • Use Categories Reasonably Submit the articles to topical categories to present a list of all posts on a certain topic and to ease the search of posts for the users. But try not to tag an article with all of your categories.
  • Submit Your Weblog to Blog Networks BlogTopSites is a perfect example of such blog networks or rings. You should be careful to select the proper category.

Remember: Targeted Web Traffic Is King.

So if you can get traffic to your site, that is targeted and in good amounts, as long as the content on your site is decent then you site stands a reasonable chance of success. If this is the case then you might be asking why do so many sites, fail in their goal to become income earners for the owners. Sadly many people do not look at their websites as real businesses, mainly because many people coming into IM are under an illusion of minimum effort maxium return, this is not generally how business or the universe works, you have to put the work in. This is especially true if the niches you wish to succeed in are competitive.

Try a WordPress websites to drive traffic to your website through strategic writing in your posts and to keep your targeted customers updated through relevant information about your products and services.

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