7 Steps to Help People Find Your Website

//7 Steps to Help People Find Your Website

7 Steps to Dominate Your Niche

Having a website is one of the most important things you can do for your business, This is because it allows you tell people everywhere what you do, where you are and who you are. However, a website is only good if people can find it. Here are 7 Google approved guidelines as shared in Web Designer magazine.

  1. Provide quality content and services so that PageRank represents good quality sites linking to you. Remember, PR analyzes how many human generated links connect to your site.
  2. Actively promote your site through social media, non-competitive sites and link bait so that you are actively letting people know about your website.
  3. Be sure you have page titles that are interesting and accurate. They should have a title tag that tells both users and the Google search engine what each page is about.
  4. Make sure your Metatag descriptions show a clear summary of what the page is about so Google will be better able to rank it.
  5. Have a domain name and page URLS that are structured to convey content information easily.
  6. Have an HTML sitemap on your website and use an XML sitemap file so users and Google can find all the pages of your site.
  7. Make sure that Google is aware of your mobile sites, as soon as you have them.

Don’t play Hide and Seek with your website. If your site is difficult to find (or navigate once it is found), then your potential clients will soon become someone else’s customers. Use these 7 principles to make sure your site is “it”.

Remember, though, search engine optimisation can only do so much. Well-optimised pages might bring visitors, but only a good product will convert visitors to customers.

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