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Adding New Posts and Pages in WordPress

Add Posts to Pages in WordPress [Tutorial] This tutorial is a beginners’ guide to adding Posts and Pages content to your WordPress blog. Before you start adding content, you’ll need to log in to the WordPress administration center. On your blog there should be a link that says “Login.” Click that, type in your username .. read more

Using WordPress as a CMS and a Blog

WordPress Blog / CMS Are you planning to get your website designed, but have questions would you be able to manage? Yes! Now you can get elegantly designed website in wordpress with content management system. Websites designed in wordpress provides lots of great features and you can easily mange the content of your website, can .. read more

Is Your WordPress Website too slow?

Fixing Slow WordPress Website Is your WordPress website slow? Did you know that your site speed is a ranking factor in Google search results? Speed of loading is extremely important for any website. It is observed that visitors tend to visit other links in the Google Search results, If your website does not load within .. read more

Posted in: Web Design

Ready Made WordPress Sites For Sale!

Premade WordPress SEO Ready Website We will give a fully working WordPress website, so you can get started instantly and start making money! This is a true WordPress driven Websie, it comes completely installed for you on your chosen domain. Each website well over $1200 dollars. These sites are now fully equipped with RSS, Video .. read more

Enable Unicode Support in WordPress Posts

A while back someone contacted me about their WordPress blog borking out on some of their posts. After a bit of poking about it became apparent that this was because WordPress doesn’t allow high Unicode characters in the URL. Every time I typed a Unicode character, (after posting) it would display as a ‘?’. Basically, .. read more

Posted in: Learn WordPress

How to Make Sticky Posts in WordPress

Today I want to show you how to use the Sticky Posts feature in your WordPress blog. Sticky posts are blog posts or articles that remain at the top of your homepage for as long as you like. This is great for certain important posts you want to display longer than usual, even if you .. read more

Posted in: Learn WordPress

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