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Tips for your Small Business Website

What your website says about your company

First impressions can only be made once, and these days you don’t have much time to make an impression, in fact a little under 10 seconds.
If your business website has not been updated in a while, you may be loosing business as result.

When a user stumbles upon your site it only takes a few seconds for them to decide if it is worth digging into your material or not. If your site isn’t making a powerful first impression then you can probably rest assured that you’re losing potential readers and subscribers every day.

There are two ways to increase the number of visits to your site each day. First is to get out and attract as many people as you can through advertising, dropping links and telling your friends about your site. The second is to have such a great site that a large percentage of your visitors decide to return day after day.

If you only focus on attracting users and not on keeping them, then you are wasting a lot of energy. What’s the purpose of getting people to view your website if they immediately click away because they aren’t interested in your presentation? The answer is simple. There is no purpose to that.

If you are experiencing a downturn with your business online, consider going for a new webpage design that parrallels the aspirations of today’s customers. Trends in web site design change very frequently and staying updated with trends puts you one step closer to staying current with today’s consumer.

The best way to tell if your website needs to be updated is by looking at your competitors. (You know them right?) – if you have not been keeping an eye out, go ahead and take a look at their site, then ask yourself why consumers would buy from you instead. This will give you an idea of where your site stands and possibly give you insight into ideas/features your site could also benefit from.

The essential website planning steps include:

  • "The" Idea: Think of a good one!
  • Brainstorming Web Site Ideas
  • Defining Your Site Niche
  • Type of Website that Fits the Idea

Objective: Clearly define your goals for your Website Business Plan

Competitive analysis: Understand your competition. Conduct a comprehensive small business internet marketing analysis

Structure: Create a blueprint to organize your site theme and topics

Visitors: Understand what your visitors want and plan out how you will deliver

Keywords: Start a list of the best keywords possible in order to drive traffic (visitors) to your site and earn you money at the same time. (You’ll want to fill up your shopping cart with these!) The Google Keyword Search Tool for ideas or use Search It to find great keywords.

Name: Research a valuable, keyword rich domain name for your website. Factors to consider when choosing the best web domain names.

Branding: Consider your branding strategy as you plan your website. Corporate internet branding is a web marketing strategy that reinforces recognition and your small business promotion efforts.

Website Host: Select your site building program and website hosting service. (Get the most bang for your buck. The more features the hosting service offers in the monthly fee the better!)

Monetizing Ideas: Start making a list of the viable and profitable options that relate to your site’s theme as possible revenue generating resources. (Go for the top of the line products and services!) Here’s a quick overview on "How to Make Money on Your Website".

First impressions are more important on the web than in person.  When you meet someone in person, I’m sure they don’t take a quick look at you, smile, and then turn around to meet the next person without even speaking to you.  That would be rude!  But online, it’s more than a common practice, it’s how people use the Internet.  Someone visits your web site and, before they even read the contents of your homepage, they hit the back button and go off to another web site.  You know what your company offers.  You know that you are a solid business with an outstanding track record.  But, does your homepage communicate this to the rest of the world?  Take a few seconds and evaluate your own web site.

Your plan will keep you focused on building success!

WordPress Toronto WordPress customization services that ensure the success of your website!

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